Kakenya Ntaiya and the Kakenya Center for Excellence

Kenya ranks #130 in the 2012 Gender Inequality Index and ranks #145 in the Human Development Index. (Also, click here for a PDF of Kenya’s composite indices for the 2011 Human Development Report.)

Despite serious problems represented by these figures/values, Kakenya Ntaiya and the Kakenya Center for Excellence arguably provide many of the kinds of action, growth, hope, and promise that we need most in this world.

Woman challenges tradition, brings change to her Kenyan village (CNN Heroes story from March 14, 2013)

(Please check this out. Well worth our time. Every single minute – only 15 minutes, 42 seconds. Really gets going, truly inspiring, in the second half.)
– David Slutsky

2 thoughts on “Kakenya Ntaiya and the Kakenya Center for Excellence

  1. Very moving. Talks like this remind us (as do most development aid workers) that significant change and improvement in quality of life are most likely to occur and to be lasting rather than temporary when local people are empowered and assisted in their own grassroots efforts and strategies instead of being told what’s best for them and only assisting to the extent that they follow the advice given. I think this tends to be true whether the assisting party has ulterior or purely altruistic motives. Thanks to David for sharing this.

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