Demonising the poor

The current UK government has done much to demonise the poor. As it continues to make changes to the welfare state, which leave many of the poorest in society worse off, it behoves us to question what we are told. A report issued by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the Church of Scotland, and the United Reformed Church does just that. There is more information and suggestions about how to challenge ideas about poverty availale from their website.

Infographic from the Joint Public Issues website.

2 thoughts on “Demonising the poor

  1. Having moved to the USA 20 years ago what blows my mind is that the Conservatives somehow hypnotized everyone to use the term “welfare” (clearly pejorative) instead of “social security,” USA style. Not even the bbc seems aware that this has even happened. What gives?

  2. I’m not sure that ‘welfare’ *is* clearly perjorative. ‘Welfare’ is roughly synonymous with ‘well-being’, and neither of those things have negative connotations – at least not in the UK. (I think ‘welfare’ does have negative connotations in the US, though.) I’m also not sure that the use of the term ‘welfare state’ is something introduced by the Tories. Hasn’t ‘welfare’ been used to refer to this sort of thing for donkeys?

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