Don’t Buy Transphobia

Don’t Buy Transphobia is a campaign to force the Daily Hate Mail to change its transphobic ways by putting pressure on companies that advertise in its pages.

For those who have not been keeping up with recent events, Lucy Meadows was a primary school teacher in Accrington, who was transitioning from male to female. The school were supportive, Lucy was just getting on with her life, but then the Press found out and hounded her until she killed herself. Chief amongst them was Richard ‘National Disgrace’ Littlejohn of the Daily Mail, whose column is one hate-filled rant after another – each one aimed at those the Daily Hate has deemed the enemies of Modern Britain (the LBQT community, immigrants, etc.).

If you’ve had enough of this, then don’t buy from companies that advertise in the Mail, and write to let them know why.

You can also sign the petition calling for Littlejohn’s dismissal here.