Headed to the Pacific APA?

If so, you might be interested in these two informal gatherings taking place there.

On Thursday (March 28) evening from around 9:30 onward there will be a gathering of self-identified LGBTQ philosophers at The Cantina Bar.

On Friday (March 29) evening after the SWIP session (shortly after 10:00) there will be a “Feminists and Friends” gathering in the Clock Bar at the St. Francis Hotel (the hotel where the conference is taking place).

If you’re at the Pacific APA and self-identify as LGBTQ, feminist, or feminist-friend, please consider coming along!

10 thoughts on “Headed to the Pacific APA?

  1. I’ll be there! And BTW I’ve got a room with 2 queen beds at the Motel 6 at 895 Geary, which is just 6 blocks from the ($400/night) convention hotel. If anyone wants a free bed, I’ve got one. I feel funny making this offer because it’s so not done–and I’m afraid it looks like I’m up to something. But I’m not. I’m just sick of the cost of going to APAs because they’re in expensive hotels–where, in addition, everything–including powerpoint set-ups–is wildly expensive. I wish there were some alternative, and I’d be interested in thinking about alternatives.

    I myself have a free ride: I have pretty generous travel money and if I’m on the program I get my trip paid for. So I offer the extra bed for free. But (and I remember my grad school days) it’s in the face obvious that the people who need to get to these shindigs the most are least able to afford it. Even with my travel money I couldn’t afford the convention hotel, and in any case I really find the whole arrangement obscene.

    And I hate to be a grinch on top of it, but having these meetings in tourist venues is just temptation. Sure, one wants to go out to a nice restaurant for a couple of meals. But the purpose of an APA is to get to lots of papers, and schmooze and chat to both make contacts and, more importantly, to be stimulated philosophically. And I’ve recently become aware of the fact that there are people who go to APAs and don’t even go to most of the papers.

    Anyhoo–if you gonna be in SF I’ll see ya!

  2. Also, you might want to take a look at the online reviews of that Motel 6. The neighborhood does not sound safe.

  3. When I called to book a room they wouldn’t give me the convention rate – instead, they said $400 a night. They apparently sold out of the number of rooms they’d reserved for the APA. After that, I guess they aren’t obligated to respect the convention rate.

  4. Anon3, right, when they run out of the convention rate block or the deadline is past you can no longer get that rate. I hope those who most need to stay at the convention hotel and can least afford extra expense managed to book early.
    For some reason this week in San Francisco is super-expensive, much higher than last week or next week. Does it have to do with Easter and Passover?

    People with suggestions about locations of future meetings might try writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the division in question — in this case Dominic McIver Lopes.

  5. I’m staying three blocks east, Hotel Adagio, for 159$ a night. Not dirt cheap, but a nice place for an ok price.

    I got the rate off of hotwire.com

  6. When I was on the Pacific program committee we were told that they did the meeting over Easter weekend because it was cheaper. People generally don’t want to go to work-related conferences over a holiday. BTW Hotel Chancellor just up the hill and round the corner, is really nice, and had a nice breakfast. Don’t know the rates but worth checking–if you don’t have the guts to go Motel 6 ;-)

  7. I remember hearing the same about the Central (i.e., Easter’s cheaper). And indeed this coming Saturday night there are a lot of cheap options (relatively — for San Francisco). Still, this week is particularly expensive for all of downtown SF.

    Prof. Baber, “just up the hill” sounds so easy, but that’s some hill!

  8. I always recommend that people check Priceline if they don’t yet have a hotel. It’s a gamble- you get to put in parameters but don’t get to pick the particular hotel, at least at the start- but I’ve had pretty good success in finding rooms in nice enough to pretty nice hotels for good prices. It will almost always be better than list prices on short notice.

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