2 thoughts on “#safetytipsforladies

  1. These are pretty spectacular:

    Most rapes happen above ground. Build a sprawling underground lair and adapt to a life without sun.
    Shoot every man you see. If a man is not a legitimate rapist, his body has a way to shut gunshot wounds down.
    I’m told rapes happen because of bad decisions. Never make any decisions. Decide nothing, ever.
    Don’t walk home alone when it’s dark. Even a little dark. Or might be dark. Don’t walk home. Or walk. Levitate.
    When leaving house, fill mouth with ink. If attacked, squirt ink at rapist, propel yourself to safety with your 8 limbs.
    Get a pet velociraptor.
    Most rapists are people you know. Shoot and kill everyone you know.
    Always carry a well-rounded team of six Pokemon. Rapists usually only use two or three.
    Carry a whistle, people may think you are a high school football coach and respect your autonomy
    When going anywhere alone, set yourself on fire. Remember: They can’t rape you if you’re on fire.
    Most rapists are people, so consider only befriending animals and ghosts.

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