The Bloggies Disappoint

Sad to see this post by Bug Girl on Facebook this morning: “The webbies blog awards won by an anti-feminist blog and a climate change denier this year. ARG.” Best weblog overall was won by the climate change skeptic’s site Watts Up With That?  and the Cowardly Feminist was a finalist in best overall and also in best topical weblog. Especially frustrating to see Watts Up With That take the best science blog too. As Bug Girl comments, “There should be some actual, you know, science involved in that.”

(Correction: The Bloggies ( not the Webbies. Thanks to a reader for pointing that out.)

4 thoughts on “The Bloggies Disappoint

  1. Re Bug Girl’s comment “There should be some actual, you know, science involved in that”: I was not previously familiar with Watts Up With That, but a quick review of just the last 10 or so posts on that blog revealed, inter alia, three guest posts on scientific topics by three different apparently well-credentialed career scientists, a re-blogging of a post by a fourth, and a post reporting in detail the appearance of a new article in a scientific journal. There appears to be some science involved in that, no? Unless “actual” is modifying “science” here in roughly the same way that “true” modifies “Scotsman” in Anthony Flew’s famous anecdote …

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