Gill Howie

We are enormously sad to report the death of Gill Howie, who has been absolutely vital to SWIP UK, remaining on the executive committee throughout her illness.

From Barrie Dainton:

I am sad to report that Gill Howie died yesterday (26th March) after spending some time in the Marie Curie Hospice in Woolton. I will pass on any further news about her funeral and memorial.

Gill’s most influential work was in feminist philosophy, especially the intersections between Feminism, Marxism and Critical Theory. She published widely and edited a number of collections in these areas, including the widely read Third Wave Feminism: a Critical Exploration. She was series editor of the Palgrave series ‘Breaking Feminist Waves’, and recently published Between Feminism and Materialism: A Question of Method (2010).

Her philosophical work grew out of her commitment to social and political activism. She served on the national executive committee of the AUT as well as of the British Philosophical Association and the Society for Women in Philosophy. She was a conscientious and approachable Head of Philosophy, who cared deeply for the health and vigour of the Department. She will be very much missed by her colleagues and students, by her two young sons, and all her friends.

More recently and in the light of her own experience of a long struggle with illness she led a number of interdisciplinary research projects aimed at exploring the philosophical significance of life-limiting illness. That she was unable to complete these projects adds to the sense of tragic untimeliness of her death.

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3 thoughts on “Gill Howie

  1. I am so saddened to Gill’s loss…she was a visionary and a person of great depth and insight who used her personal experiences to help move debates on about living with life-limiting illness. We are proud to have worked with Gill as part of DaDaFest 2012 and so pleased that she has invited us again to work further towards developing this much needed research area. We will continue this work and leave a legacy in her name.

    Our thoughts are with to all her family, friends and colleagues.

  2. I came for an interview in 2009 as a mature student…Gillian was to be my guide…it was the only time I met her as unfortunately I had to abandon my project to work in London…I have recently returned to discover the sad news of her death. I met her for little more than one hour however her presence made a deep impact…I had the absolute conviction that she was on my side, I felt she would believe in and support me…more…I felt a dynamic connection in which I knew I could trust her with my truth…I am deeply saddened at the loss of this gifted woman but will remain inspired by the intensity of that meeting with a person of such evident integrity. I share this in sympathy with her family, to honour her life because I was touched, albeit breifly, by hers…and I am grateful for that gift.

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