More on Women and Cycling: Beware of Bicycle Face!

“In ‘The hidden dangers of cycling’ by A. Shadwell, M.D published in 1897, in the journal National Review, the author advises women against ‘attempting a novel and peculiar experiment with their precious persons.’ That ‘novel and peculiar experiment’ would be riding bikes. He writes that the risks to women’s health include internal inflammation, exhaustion, bicycle face, appendicitis, dysentery, nervous attacks.”

You can find the full story here.

3 thoughts on “More on Women and Cycling: Beware of Bicycle Face!

  1. I’m not sure, exactly, what “bicycle face” is, but it does sound pretty bad. Unless it just means you get bugs stuck in your teeth or something- that can be fixed easily enough.

  2. We can translate this kind of oppressive crap in terms of waring girls and women against Math and Computer Science today, right? Thanks, Nick

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