7 thoughts on “The sunday cat reveals a cat trained dog

  1. what I love about this one is how utterly uninterested and bored the cat seems by the entire business. I feel badly for the puppy, but it’s the person who is tormenting the puppy, not the cat.

  2. Katy, I worry about why the dog doesn’t want to get close to the cat. What did the training include.

    LauraL: but at (about) 3:35 the cat signals who is in control.

  3. I think the cat can act bored because he’s saying to the dog, “you know very well that I will bop you so hard that you will never forget it if you try to take this ball, so don’t even try”, and the dog knows it.

  4. One can buy little claw covers, which are meant to save furniture. One might add dogs to the list of things that are given some reprieve.

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