8 thoughts on “Female super heroes with added pants

  1. I really love this. There has been a lot of discussion about the way women are portrayed in comics and video games. I like the designs of their outfits. I hope that new characters are drawn with sensible outfits in the future, and not just one off drawings of old heros.

  2. I have just discovered that I am a lousy feminist. . I shared this link on facebook with the following comment:
    Female superheroes in clothing that they might actually choose to wear. Elektra looks great in slacks, don’t think wonderwoman thought through the colors scheme on hers. But I really like this concept.

    Then a male friend went on to say what he liked and didn’t like about their outfits….That is when i realized that no one tells superman to put his underwear inside of his clothing. It is the same damn problem, that women are told what to wear and no one tells men they are doing it wrong.

  3. This was the fab thing about the Luna brothers’ _Ultra_. Her skimpy costume was explicitly mandated by the corporation she worked for, and for the vast majority of the graphic novel, she was depicted in jeans and sweat pants.

  4. I see that the idea behind this is to have female superheros not be like sex objects to male readers. But the whole thing makes me wonder another thing: If it is right to give Wonderwoman modest clothes, would it not also be mandatory to support muslim women who want to put on the niqba or even burqa? I ask this because here in Europe there are certain countries outlawing such head- and facecovering clothes in the name of freedom…
    So how about Super-Fatima, dressed in a burqa, fighting the criminals between Baghdad and Damascus?
    Oh, if I only could draw…

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