Frugal living

In these cash-strapped times, it’s good to see the Daily Mail doing their bit by recycling used articles! Those clever journalists saw that this article from five years ago, about a teacher beating the credit crunch by living on £1 a day for a drunken bet, was just perfect for this Thursday’s edition, revealing that Iain Duncan Smith was right! – You can live on £53 a week!* I’m off to follow Kath Kelly’s example, and find myself a free lunch at my local church jumble sale, before picking a handful of lovely apples and cherries, and then finding £100 in change on the ground!

*Of course, the cynical amongst us may think that maybe Kath Kelly is the only person they’ve managed to find in the last five years who is happily subsisting on such meagre rations, because, oh yes – she did it for a bet. And wrote a book about it afterwards. And wasn’t doing it because she had no other option. Tosh, I say!