7 thoughts on “An illustrative comparison

  1. I wonder how many people who Google gendered stuff like that are really trying to find out things that are specific to themselves or their partners, or are looking for validation for their archaic nonsense…

  2. Bandaloopdeloop, also some indeterminate (but, depending on the particular search, possibly significant) portion of the popularity of those searches is presumably due to people looking to satisfy their own curiosity (or validate their own beliefs) about the kind of people who would write such things as, say, “women should be in the kitchen”.

    For example, when I Google “the earth is”, the very second suggestion to come up is “the earth is flat”. Presumably this state of affairs is due almost entirely to Googlers in the round-earth camp, though.

  3. By coincidence, I came across another similar phenomenon today, while trying to prepare some graphics for a talk: compare the results of a google image search for ‘man silhouette’ versus those of ‘woman silhouette’.

  4. Don’t get my friend — a web designer — started on stock imagery and gender bias. It’s *really* bad, especially on the big stock photo sites.

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