Speaking of google. . .

After seeing the depressing gender search suggestions supplied by google, I was inspired (as I have been before) to trawl through the always-amsuing list of google search terms that have led people to our blog this week.

To the five of you who arrived this week searching for “camel toe pad” — You should probably speak to your veterinarian about that. Unless by “camel toe” you mean the way your ladybits look in leggings, in which case please stop using those words to mean that.

To the two of you who arrived searching for “high school hotties” — Move along.

To the two of you who arrived searching for “fuck the patriarchy” — Right on.

And finally, to the person who arrived searching for “spiderman’s penis” — Um. . .

8 thoughts on “Speaking of google. . .

  1. Presumably the last person mentioned in the OP was looking for this popular YouTube comedy video about “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man” that basically illustrated how horrific an allegedly “scientifically accurate” human-spider hybrid would be:

    Maybe the video was linked in a prior thread here?

  2. Presumably? I’m not sure I’d presume that you’d search for that video by putting “spiderman’s penis” into google. And I wouldn’t presume that there aren’t people out there looking for spiderman porno comics/weird slash fan fiction/whatever else is hiding in the bowels of the internets.

    Personally, I’m going to pass over the intentions of the spiderman penis googler in silence.

  3. Google seems also to surmise that most searches for “spiderman’s penis” have some connection to that video, which is more preoccupied with that particular subject than any other aspect of “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man”. Of other possible inspirations for that search, the less said the better, I agree.

  4. Sorry, but after a long day of horrible weather and student complaints about not cancelling class I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this post and to Nemo. I really needed a good laugh on this dreary afternoon.

  5. I feel like maybe The Daily Bulge [dailybulge.tumblr.com] might have been the kind of thing the Spiderman searcher was looking for?

    But seriously, have a look at that link, it’s a (harmlessly silly and only very slightly non-worksafe) example of an female audience within a media that is typically quite aggressively addressed to the male gaze cheekily asserting a space for their own female gaze within the medium.

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