“a wonderful woman”

About a year ago some people I know were talking about Margaret Thatcher. One was maintaining that the group should find a way to honor her. The first scientist to be PM and the first woman to be PM. Others were silent and stared at the ceiling or found the cutlery suddenly extremely interesting. One finally spoke, “The problem is really doing that without having everyone else furious about it.”

I’ve been hearing about how wonderful she is from people who are not aware that many people think otherwise. Brian Leiter has a link to Glenda Jackson’s assessment of Thatcher, and it might be worth looking at that:

5 thoughts on ““a wonderful woman”

  1. sadly, i value jackson’s words, perhaps not comfortable or easy to hear, especially on this occasion. but, for the sake of the living and the future, truth must always be sought and spoken.

  2. Indeed. A good speech by Glenda Jackson. Thatcher’s government – and its legacy – has been one of rising inequality, rising unemployment, privatisation of public services and social division.

  3. It’s tragic to me that what is most admired about people in power, and people in general, is their strength, power manipulation and public opinion manipulation above all else.
    Moral and humanist actions and behavior rate much lower on the value scale. How sad.
    I believe it’s all out of fear. we fear the challenges of managing all that life brings on, so we prefer to delegate the job of safety to others……and we choose those who seem able to WIN the struggle.

    not into blaming, i also don’t enjoy the endless adulation of power, even after it has proven to fail to bring its promised results…….there’s the problem…..total servitude to the the god of POWER AND STRENGTH, no matter what………until it’s too late…..as history proves repeatedly.

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