“Accidental racist”

I first heard the song on Tues, when I was foolish enough to act on my mild curiosity about what Limbaugh is saying. The person talking – perhaps Medved – was criticizing the song for implying that it’s the white guys who own all the blame & guilt. His critique was line by line. I just looked at a tape of The View’s discussion. It was pretty positive but not very specific.


Below is a audio tape with a picture of the singers, and then the tape of the view.

L.L. cool J and Brad Paisley:

2 thoughts on ““Accidental racist”

  1. This: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2013/04/against-the-conversation-on-race/274855/

    “One of the problems with the idea that America needs a “Conversation On Race” is that it presumes that “America” has something intelligent to say about race.”

    “If you ask a very well educated person how the GI Bill exacerbated the wealth gap, or how New Deal housing policy helped create the ghetto they very likely will not know. And they do not know, not because they are ignorant, stupid, or immoral, they do not know because they are part of country that has decided that “not knowing” is in its interest. There’s no room for any sort of serious conversation when the basic facts of history are not accessible. […] So we retreat to mushy, moist talk about who “feelings,” “intentions,” “good people” and “loving fathers.” The great Jay Smooth once said that we need to move from a “what you are” conversation (“you are a racist”) to a “what you are doing” conversation. Unfortunately this presumes a groundwork of honesty and good faith. No such good faith exists because we are ignorant, and deep down inside, we know it and are ashamed of it.”

  2. SG, I am surprised at finding myself disagreeing with the quote you gave, and so perhaps with you. There are many different reasons for engaging someone in a dialogue, and expertise need not always matter.

    There is an amazing amount of racism in the country, coming too often from people who say there is no racism any more. Maybe the talking cure could help here.

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