American novelists are dudes, according to wikipedia

From a recent NY Times Op-Ed:


I JUST noticed something strange on Wikipedia. It appears that gradually, over time, editors have begun the process of moving women, one by one, alphabetically, from the “American Novelists” category to the “American Women Novelists” subcategory. So far, female authors whose last names begin with A or B have been most affected, although many others have, too.


Apparently, women novelists from the original list are being moved systematically (in alphabetical order) to the “American Women Novelists” category. An explanation at the top of the “American Novelists” explains that the main list of novelists was getting too long, and so as many names as possible are being moved to subcategories. Naturally, prominent male novelists are also being moved off the main list and onto the “American Man Novelists” category, and the original list has been left only with those who reject a binary gender identification. Except ha, no, of course not.

Because, of course, if the likes of Jane Austen, George Eliot, Emily Bronte, Willa Cather, and Harper Lee taught us anything, it’s that women will forever be second-rate, subcategory-only novelists.

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