Reader query on Climate: immediate interventions

I’ve had a reader query about toxic climate that I wanted to pass on.  There are a lot of quite horrendous problems in her department.  There are also actions being taken to do something about them– a climate survey being analyses, concerned senior faculty speaking up, speakers on climate issues being booked in. But all of these things will take time to have an effect.  Is there anything that can be done to help those who are suffering in the short-term?  I have suggested getting those who are trying to fix things together to provide support for each other.  Perhaps also holding some women-only social gatherings.  What else?

2 thoughts on “Reader query on Climate: immediate interventions

  1. Not a different idea, but just to add to yours, Jender: At my grad program many of us were enrolled while filing sex discrimination against the department (tough times), and I would tell anyone in a similarly problematic climate to regularize and schedule a weekly get-together of those who are trying to fix things! Call it the Tuesday Night Supper Club or the Knitting Society Wednesdays or something, but have a day every week that works for everyone so that there is something to count on, look forward to, and have in mind when you feel like quitting. Our once-a-week guarantee really saved me. When you know you have that, everything else seems more manageable.

  2. How about inviting some speakers to address gender issues in academia. This could add to group knowledge of the nature and consequences of biased behavior. Such a result can add to the morale of protesters.

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