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  1. Since when is gender an actual product specification rather than just not so implicit marketing? And why aren’t the product specs organized in the same way?

  2. Matt, I suppose you might be OK if it’s one of those molecular gastronomy places.

  3. This gets oppressive near Christmas (which keeps getting nearer sooner.) That young girl in the youtube video that was having a righteous meltdown in a box store about all the pink toys for girls, and blue for boys— she is my hero. When I was a girl, I never dreamed of being given a microphone and being able to let it rip over insidious and ubiquitous crap like this… I’d like to hear what girls and boys like her think about this.

  4. Women aren’t supposed to be cooks in restaurants, because then they might have something called a “career”. They’re supposed to stay at home and cook for free.

  5. Of course the unexamined (because invisible) belief is that there are only two sexes. The suggestion that there are 3 or 4 or more sexes throws the biggest wrench into the sexist and heterosexist agenda. Nick

  6. I was in Thailand recently, and they have Tesco. They had IDENTICAL salads marketed differently to men and women (named differently, too!). The women’s was “Beauti” (with a picture of a woman…smiling and eating the salad of course), and the men’s was “Hero” with a guy in a tank top (no sign of the salad). …seriously!

  7. Picking up on what Anon said: Matt, professional cooking (i.e. chefs) is a massively male-dominated, sexist field (gee, kinda like philosophy)! Women in professional kitchens = wrong; women cooking at home for free = natural.

    Seriously, hadn’t you noticed that chefs are overwhelmingly male?

  8. Tesco has reversed their stance. Toys will no longer be gendered in store! :)

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