3 thoughts on “The Sunday cat applauds people who run cat shelters!

  1. Please don’t just watch cute cat videos, do something to help stop the thousands of needless cat and kitten deaths in our animal “shelters” and “human socieities”! DO go visit your local animal or cat shelter, hey are always looking for volunteers! There may be a no-kill shelter or rescue group in your area where you can help out. I do volunteer for such a shelter in my community and it’s very rewarding. People say it will be depressing, but there are always positive things to be done, such as helping to socialize scared or abused animals, helping to foster cat families (usually just for a few weeks), and/or helping with routine shelter needs such as cleaning or getting supplies. And remember you can advocate for animals, help your city become no-kill, and/or participate in TNR (Trap/neuter/release) programs–they work! This is the kitten season now–cats are long-day breeders–so now is the time to step up and help by taking in a cute foster family! Yes it can be hard to give them up but I’ve been able to do so and you can too. Help by donating money, time, or supplies, help by educating everyone about neutering animals and avoiding puppy mills, by shutting down dog-fighting rings, by supporting programs that work to end all forms of animal abuse.

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