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Prof. Claudia Card will be the guest on the next WHY?Radio show, on “A Secular Theory of Evil,” Sunday, May 12 at 5 p.m.  Yes, more feminist philosophers on public radio, please!  How delightful. Here’s the brief bio of her from Philosophy in Public Life, the institute which sponsors the monthly call-in radio show:

Claudia Card is the Emma Goldman Professor of Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at University of Wisconsin, Madison, with teaching affiliations in Women’s Studies, Jewish Studies, Environmental Studies, and LGBT Studies.

Her books include Confronting Evils: Terrorism, Torture, Genocide (Cambridge 2010), Genocide’s Aftermath: Responsibility and Repair, ed. with Armen Marsoobian (Blackwell 2007); The Cambridge Companion to Simone de Beauvoir, ed. (2003); The Atrocity Paradigm: A Theory of Evil (Oxford 2002); On Feminist Ethics and Politics, ed. (Kansas 1999); The Unnatural Lottery: Character and Moral Luck (Temple 1996); Lesbian Choices (Columbia 1995); and Feminist Ethics, ed. (Kansas 1991).

One thought on “Feminist Philosophy on WHY?Radio

  1. Thank you Feminist Philosophy for once again supporting our show. For those of you who are not familiar with WHY?, we have had a handful of explicitly Feminist oriented topics and guests:

    Eva Kittay on caregiving: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousepisodes/episode8.html

    Martha Nussbaum on Empathy and sexual orientation: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousepisodes/episode16.html

    Robin Runge on domestic violence: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousepisodes/episode19.html

    Carol Gilligan on the reception and legacy of In A Different Voice: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousepisodes/episode25.html

    Stephanie Coontz on the history of marriage: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousepisodes/episode35.html

    Virginia Held on the ethics of care: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousepisodes/episode37.html

    There are of course women who have been guests on the show who talk about non-feminist topics. About 36% of our guests have been women, a far from perfect stat, but one that we are proud of and are consciously working to increase.

    Our complete archive can be found here: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org/Why/previousshows.html

    We’d love to hear from you on Sunday at 5 p.m. central!!

    Thanks again FP!

    – Jack (and everyone at WHY? Radio.

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