Alison Wylie 2013’s Distinguished Woman Philosopher

The Society of Women in Philosophy has chosen Prof. Alison Wylie to be the recipient of the award for 2013.  Wylie will be honored at the traditional panel session held by SWIP at the Eastern APA in honor of the DWP award winner.  Readers may be familiar with Wylie’s scholarship in philosophy of science, feminism, and standpoint theory, her sundry successful efforts to mentor women in the field, her service to Canadian and American philosophical organizations, or her recently concluded editorship of Hypatia which involved many of her own initiatives.  I could go on!  Congratulations, Alison, and see you in Baltimore at the session in your honor!

Here’s hoping the Michael J Fox Show is awesome

Induction suggests that it’s difficult to anticipate the quality of a TV show or movie based on the quality of the trailer (Watchmen, I am looking directly at you). So I’ll hedge what I say here to this: the trailer for the new pilot The Michael J Fox Show looks pretty awesome.

By all accounts it’s a show that will center around a disabled character (Mike Henry) portrayed by a disabled actor (Michael J Fox). As far as I know, that’s a first – at least on a mainstream US network. Of course, it’s unlikely that a show like this would be possible if Fox hadn’t been famous before he became disabled. But still, it’s a step in the right direction – and might pave the way for other, more varied representations of disability in TV and film. (A girl can dream, yeah?)

And from the looks of it, the show seems to be aiming for a great tone – one that laughs openly at ‘tragic overcomer’ tropes and embraces the everyday ups, downs, humor, and general ridiculousness that can come with being disabled. Here’s hoping it’s awesome. At the very least, I like the trailer.