The Saturday cat is so privileged that he totally disrespects the Sunday cat’s space

If you’re anything like me, you get annoyed by the way the phrase “check your privilege” – while it can sometimes be used to make a really important point – is so often employed to shut down disagreement, carve lines of moral superiority, and do all sorts of other similar and similarly conversationally shitty things. But do you know what? You need to check your getting-annoyed-at-blogosphere-trope privilege. And do you know who else needs to check their privilege? These fucking cats.


19 Cats Who Need to Check Their Privilege


This cat who doesn't realize there are kitties with no paws because he's ableist:

“This cat doesn’t realize there are kitties with no paws, because he is ableist.”

Gender-neutral interventions

What are your favourite gender-neutral interventions that in fact help women in philosophy? The two I’m most excited about at the moment are principles of chairing discussions:

1. The One Question Per Question rule– those with multiple questions can have additional ones added to be back of the queue.

2. Favouring not those who raise their hands first, but those who haven’t been heard from yet– helps all those who may be a bit more hesitant to raise their hands, and (combined with rule 1) leads to a greater diversity of views being heard. Also helps immensely in interdisciplinary settings, because in some fields the convention is not to raise your hand until you actually have a question in mind (!).