The Sunday cat gets very, very serious

With experimental art films from the 40’s. See the youtube blurb on the film below, part of which is here:

During the mid 1940s, Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid made films together as a husband-and-wife team. Who did what and who deserves the credit for directing or shooting their films remains disputed scholarly territory, but suffice to say, they were great together. … After hanging around the New York arts scene with people like John Cage and Anais Nin In 1947, Hammid and Deren joined together for another artful production, the last before they split.
They made a film about cats. And it is so, so good.
This is not a joke. The film they produced, The Private Life of a Cat, is dramatic and intense. It begins with the introduction of the two main characters: the male and female cats that lived at Deren and Hammid’s apartment. After some head licking by the cats, we are told that the female cat is pregnant and we see her jumping into a box where she remains for a good portion of the rest of the film.

Among other things, one sees the male cat acting positively with his family. But do note which of the humans gets the credit! I was so surprised!

Recognition for Australians who identify as neither sex


Australian judges have ruled that people do not have to be registered as a man or a woman on the register of births, deaths and marriages.

The New South Wales Court of Appeal overturned an earlier decision that a person’s sex could not be listed as “non-specific” under Australian law.

The court ruled that sex does not bear a binary meaning of “male” or “female”.

(Thanks, DW!)