3 thoughts on “Seattle Times on Sally Haslanger

  1. It’s great to see a general-circulation newspaper covering both Sally Haslanger and the structural reasons for women’s underpayment. I believe the Larry-Lisa example mentioned was originated by Ann Cudd. This might very well have been mentioned by Haslanger in her talk; newspapers often don’t pay attention to the need for scholarly attribution. But the Larry-Lisa example is quite compelling, and unless I’m mistaken, Cudd deserves the credit for thinking it up. The example is featured in Cudd’s book _Analyzing Oppression_ and in a previous article dealing with some of the same themes, “Oppression by Choice.”

  2. Yes! Ann Cudd and Susan Okin are both credited in my paper (and the handout) and are both amazing on this particular issue. I’m sorry that Ann didn’t get credit in the article.

  3. Sweden has paid parental leave (for both parents, mind) and very affordable childcare due to state subsidies, which is great and helps a lot, but women still earn less than men.

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