The Internment Camps in Greece

Many countries hold migrants in internment camps whilst they await ‘processing’. It’s very usual for conditions to be poor. In some places, they’re brutal. It’s very, very common for people to be held for a long time – longer (in some cases, much longer) than the country’s official procedures state.

Greece has been rounding up its migrants recently, and holding them in terrible conditions. People are being held in rooms that are not big enough for the amount of people being held to even lie down. Men, women and children are interred. In some places, they are being held in the same facilities as convicted criminals. Some have been held for several months with no access to asylum procedures. Sanitary conditions are appalling. Hunger and disease are rife. Migrant protests have become increasingly desperate with people on hunger strike, and sewing their lips together in protest at their treatment. Protests are met with extreme brutality. Police have used tear gas in enclosed rooms, and beaten migrants with clubs, leaving them with broken bones.

You can, and should read, more from the Second Council House of Virgo.

5 thoughts on “The Internment Camps in Greece

  1. I was just watching HBO’s Vice which showed the political strife in Greece resulting from the economic downturn. One of the political factions gaining power is a fascist group called the Golden Dawn. They preach racial cleansing and the deportation of immigrants, Blacks, and Asians. They already have a foothold in the government as well as support from the police. It really does seem as if another Holocaust is coming. The conditions in Germany before WWII and the election of Hitler is mirroring the conditions in Greece as of right now. It’s sad that mainstream media is not covering this.

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