New listserv for philosophers with psychological disabilities

Philosopher Joan Callahan writes:

I have managed (after a few false starts) to get up and running a listserv for discussion of inclusion in professional philosophy WITH SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PSYCHOLOGICAL DISABILITY.

If you want to subscribe to this list, just send a note to with the message ” subscribe Inclusion ” in the body of your message.

Now, this will subscribe you under the personal name and address of the email account you are using. Since the topic of this list is in many ways a delicate one, if you want to maintain complete confidentiality, I suggest that you open a free email account with a name only you will know, such as (or Yahoo, etc.) and subscribe to Inclusion from that account. This will keep your identity confidential, even from me, who is identified as the listowner.

I THINK this is all working. Please let me know if you have any problems.

I Guess We Need to Explicitly Say That Suicide is Not a Fashion Statement

I can’t add much else to the observation that, “this seems like some distinctive pinnacle of awfulness.”
(Thanks to RK for the heads up)


“Vice Published a Fashion Spread of Female Writer Suicides”
(Heads up: there are pictures of models depicting suicides.)

Okay, I can add this.  For all I know, inside a moral vacuum maybe implying that suicide is beautiful isn’t immoral.  But I feel confident in the assertion that in a social context where a segment of the population is encouraged to believe that they are only valuable members of society insofar as they are capable of being beautiful, emphasizing that such people can be beautiful and stylish while committing suicide is pretty damn immoral. And I am equally confident in asserting that we currently live in such a social context.

I’m going to take this opportunity to provide some links and quotes:
If you are feeling suicidal:

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