CFP: On Being a Professor

This special issue of Polymath invites scholars from across the academy, regardless of discipline, rank or employment status, to contribute to our knowledge concerning the experience of being a professor. Of special interest are articles and book reviews on the lived experiences of academics across disciplines, employment status, race, class background, gender, ability, age, and difference.

Areas of interest include, but certainly are not limited to:

  •        – Addressing the work/life balance
  •        – Intersections of gender, class and race-ethnicity
  •       – Navigating homophobia, religious intolerance and other bigotries
  •       – Glass ceilings and brick walls
  •       – Teaching successes and challenges at minority serving and/or majority white institutions
  •       – Unemployment, underemployment and poverty
  •       – Hostile workplaces

As an online, peer-reviewed journal, Polymath is accessible world-wide. The electronic format allows you to include multimedia, live web links and a range of other materials. More than access to this free journal, contributors will find that this medium allows for a quicker route to publishing.

For author guidelines and to submit your full-length manuscript, please visit no later than October 18th, 2013.

In addition to academic papers, those interested in writing a book review (books published in 2012 or 2013) related to the theme, On Being a Professor, are welcome as well.

Questions regarding article content or proposed book reviews should be directed to the special guest editor, Dr. Sandra E. Weissinger (email:  Questions regarding the submission process should be directed to Polymath editor, Dr. Susan Hume (email:

Announcement is here.