And yet another proof that philosophers need more female role-models.

Feminist History of Philosophy

Would the philosophical culture be different if male professors had read more women philosophers in their formative years?

Perhaps. See what McGinn says in his latest ludicrous post:

My cultural heroes are: Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, Vladimir Nabokov, Jean-Paul Sartre, Philip Larkin, Kingsley and Martin Amis, Peter Cook, John Lennon, and Larry David (among many others). What they all have in common is the quality captured by the French phrase “eparter les bourgeois”, which the OED defines as “shock people regarded as conventional or complacent”.

Well what they do have in common is that they’re all white men.

(Also, I imagine most of them would refrain from using a French word they can’t spell – no such thing as ‘eparter’, Colin.)

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