10 thoughts on “Texas State Sen filibusters to block abortion regulation

  1. Texas is deaf and hard of hearing friendly in a number of ways (free higher education for one), but I’m so so so disappointed that they are not captioning their streaming video. Trying to find out whether it is showing with captions on Texas television (does anyone know?) if so, I can file a FCC complaint against the Texas Senate…

  2. She has a passion born from conviction about equality and justice: I wonder if any of her talking-point kowtowers to anti-women special interests get any of that. A heroic stand indeed.

  3. Speaking of accessibility, how is it legal to require someone to stand during a filibuster? And not allow help with a back brace?

  4. Kathryn–I whole-heartedly agree. The votes by the Rethugs show just how lacking they are in every conceivably civilized way.

  5. Kathryn is of course right about the back brace. And the very concept of a “talking filibuster” is chock full of accessibility issues, especially the one in Texas. A single person has to continuously hold the floor for 13 hours, stay on topic, and not take any restroom breaks. I’m as non-physically disabled as they come – a 30 year old guy in excellent health, no mobility issues, no serious issues with speaking, no back pain, etc. – and I’d have a very difficult time pulling off that kind of filibuster.

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