Vaginas of Anarchy

North Carolina’s GOP tacked on abortion restrictions to State Bill 353, which was the Motorcycle Safety Act. This, just after tacking on abortion restrictions on to House Bill 695 (originally aimed at banning the recognition of Sharia law in family courts). As of this moment, I can’t access the new text of the bill via the official NC legislative site, but you can find more information from those on the front lines on twitter.

And in the meanwhile, here’s a song about what’s been going on (with some explicit language).

UPDATE: More information from HuffPo:

On Wednesday morning, state Rep. Joe Sam Queen (D) wrote on Twitter, “New abortion bill being heard in the committee I am on. The public didn’t know. I didn’t even know.”

2 thoughts on “Vaginas of Anarchy

  1. One of the implications seems to be that there’s something noteworthy about “tacking an orange onto an apple” (unrelated bill riders), but I’d submit that the distinguished Lincoln expert in the video isn’t too familiar with what goes on in his country’s legislatures. This happens all the time, and unfortunately the Democratic Party taught the GOP much of what it knows about that way of doing legislation. (I think that goes some distance toward explaining why Dem legislators are traditionally more hostile than their Republican peers to the notion of the line-item veto.)

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