Schiffer says his views on McGinn were misrepresented

An excerpt:

As your reporter was aware, in the letter I wrote to the chair of Miami’s philosophy department on May 8th I said explicitly that I was concerned that the University of Miami’s treatment of Mr. McGinn was unjust if the facts of the case were as I understood them to be at that time. Subsequent reports have called into question some of the matters I mentioned in my letter.

The full letter. (Thanks, J!)

2 thoughts on “Schiffer says his views on McGinn were misrepresented

  1. And if I understand McGinn’s most recent post correctly, his e-mail that was reported as “suggesting” to his research assistant that they “have sex three times in my office over the summer when no one else is around” was simply the sort of brainstorming we all need to do, when making sure that all possible courses of action are on the table.

  2. I’m glad Schiffer has clarified his views, but in the context of his having been a very prominent supporter of McGinn in this case, I really think he owes it to the student involved to make a stronger retraction if he no longer feels that the evidence supports his original reading of the situation.

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