How to be right for the wrong reason

Hot off the multi-media press: a veiled putative video parody posted to YouTube yesterday by a group of University of Colorado Boulder students, describing a movement they call #BroChoice. “A bro-choice is where I am pro-choice because I am a man and if women don’t have access to abortion on demand then I won’t get laid as often”:

7 thoughts on “How to be right for the wrong reason

  1. And who’s their intended audience? I’m not understanding who’s going to find this funny.

  2. Given the little thought bubble that says the guy interviewing folks isn’t pro choice, I take it this is an effort to undermine the credibility of pro choice men by suggesting their political beliefs are just aimed at having sex more frequently.

  3. OK, I am suspecting people will yell at me, but I think it’s totally legit for men OR women to think that ONE reason that they are pro choice is that they want to be able to have casual sex without thinking that might end in a lifetime of shared parenting. This video is stupid and awkward and I don’t know who its audience is either, but I don’t understand why the reason they are mocking is ‘wrong’, as the title of this post presupposes.

  4. I’m sympathetic w/ Rebecca here, but find it interesting that, if you look back to a lot of 70’s-style radical feminism, there was very serious doubt about whether, ideally, abortion should be allowed, and one reason, among others, was the idea that it was really mostly a way to ensure that women were available to me. (There were a lot of other claims, too, about the brutality of it, the value of life, etc. that now seems surprising when you see them, but this was one.) This is one of several ways that I think feminism has improved since the 70’s.

  5. Dead giveaway: no one who’s pro-choice would ever use the phrase “abortion on-demand.”

  6. Will a Bro-Life movement come forward in response?

    Daniel, a 5-second Google image search for “abortion on demand” would dispel that misconception for you.

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