Hypnosis, not epidurals, for a generation of brave children.

Turkish politicians keep on coming up with the good stuff. The latest, perhaps in honour of Kate giving birth, is from health minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, who said today that women should avoid having epidurals if they don’t want to raise cowardly babies. Not sure how the mother’s pain will help the baby be more courageous: perhaps he meant these children would be less afraid of hurting women? Hypnosis is preferable, he says, just about, as it makes for a more ‘natural’ birth. The news item is here, in Turkish. If you click on the little british flag, you’ll get this computer generated translation – terrible, but you’ll get the gist.

Further Signatories to the Letter from Concerned Philosophers

Kate Abramson, Indiana University

Dr. H. E. Baber, University of San Diego

Talia Mae Bettcher, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles

Soazig Le Bihan, University of Montana

Ingo Brigandt, University of Alberta

Rachael Briggs, Australian National University and Griffith University

Eric Brown, Washington University in St. Louis

Sharyn Clough, Oregon State University

Gabriele Contessa, Carleton University

Roy T Cook, University of Minnesota

Sharon Crasnow, Norco College

Ann E. Cudd, University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Kansas

Christine Daigle, Professor and Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence, Brock University

Louis deRosset, Philosophy Department Chair, University of Vermont

Tyler Doggett, University of Vermont

John E. Drabinski, Amherst College (Black Studies Department)

Julia Driver, Washington University in St. Louis

Val Dusek, University of New Hampshire

Kyla Ebels-Duggan, Northwestern University

Maureen Eckert, UMASS Dartmouth

David Enoch, Chair, The Philosophy Department, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Anthony Everett, University of Bristol

Simon Evnine, University of Miami

Jeremy Fantl, University of Calgary

Luca Ferrero, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Anthony S. Gillies, Rutgers University

Alison Gopnik, Professor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy, University of California at Berkeley

Richard G Heck Jr., Romeo Elton Professor of Natural Theology, Brown University

Ned Hall, Harvard University

Dr. Catherine E. Hundleby, Graduate Director and Associate Professor, Philosophy, Cross-appointed to Women’s Studies, Fellow, Centre for Research on Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric, University of Windsor

Sabrina Bano Jamil, Miami Dade College

Jason Jordan, Linfield College

Jonathan Kaplan, Oregon State University

Hilary Kornblith, Professor and Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kathrin Koslicki, University of Colorado-Boulder

Rebecca Kukla, Georgetown University

Elisabeth Lloyd, Arnold and Maxine Tanis Chair of History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University

Alice MacLachlan, York University

Stephen Makin, University of Sheffield

Mathieu Marion, Université du Québec à Montréal

Teresa Marques, University of Lisbon

Yitzhak Y. Melamed, Johns Hopkins University

Roberta L. Millstein, University of California, Davis

Tim O’Keefe, Georgia State University

Michael Otsuka, University College London

L. A. Paul, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Charles Pigden, Associate Professor, Director of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program, Department of Philosophy, University of Otago

Gaile Pohlhaus, Jr., Miami University

Douglas W. Portmore, Arizona State University

Erick Ramirez, Santa Clara University

Michael Rea, University of Notre Dame

Stefanie Rocknak, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director, Cognitive Science Program, Hartwick College

Lisa Shapiro, Simon Fraser University

David Sobel, Guttag Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Syracuse University

Cynthia Stark, Institute of Philosophy, University of London

Janet D. Stemwedel, San José State University

David G. Stern, Professor and Collegiate Fellow, University of Iowa

Stephen Stich, Rutgers University

Prof. Scott Sturgeon, University of Birmingham

Sigrún Svavarsdóttir, Ohio State University

John Symons, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, The University of Kansas

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College

Mary Ellen Waithe, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Comparative Religion; Interim Director, Women’s Studies Program, Cleveland State University

Lori Watson, Ph.D., Director of Women’s and Gender Studies, Associate Professor of Department of Philosophy, University of San Diego

V. Alan White, University of Wisconsin—Manitowoc

Jessica Wilson, University of Toronto