Hypnosis, not epidurals, for a generation of brave children.

Turkish politicians keep on coming up with the good stuff. The latest, perhaps in honour of Kate giving birth, is from health minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, who said today that women should avoid having epidurals if they don’t want to raise cowardly babies. Not sure how the mother’s pain will help the baby be more courageous: perhaps he meant these children would be less afraid of hurting women? Hypnosis is preferable, he says, just about, as it makes for a more ‘natural’ birth. The news item is here, in Turkish. If you click on the little british flag, you’ll get this computer generated translation – terrible, but you’ll get the gist.

One thought on “Hypnosis, not epidurals, for a generation of brave children.

  1. A few days ago his boss said they will rise pious generations who won’t riot, i.e. who will be obedient. So this clever health minister might want to have a second thought on whether he wants “courageous babies” or “cowardly babies”. Patronizing, making idiotic statements, and insulting large parts of society day after day has become a trademark of this government. Very sad for the country …

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