The Law and UKBA stop and search

As many readers will know, the UK Border Agency and police have been doing spot immigration checks at tube stations in areas of London with lots of brown people. This is on the back of the happening commonly known as ‘racist van’ when a van bearing the slogan ‘illegal immigrants, go home’ (just a whisker away from the standard far right entreaty to all brown folks) was driven around the streets of our capital. Unsurprisingly, the good people of Britain – many of them, at any rate – have not been too impressed with these actions. Even Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, is alleged to have described the spot checks as ‘un-British’ – which is saying something. Now it transpires that the spot checks are of dubious legality. Here’s a handy guide to your rights:550978_10151497065156090_1760457856_n

Read more from the Independent.

5 thoughts on “The Law and UKBA stop and search

  1. If only that were the case on the ground………all these ‘fairness and justice’ rules seem to be overcome if not overturned by what police are really allowed and often encouraged by authorities to do.

    What good does this do folks like trayvon martin, bradley manning, edward snowden……..the list is endless…….

    I wish i could be more hopeful that decent laws like these are still obeyed by most police and power-holders….. To my knowledge, such usage now only happens as an exception…., but even that’s a boost…

    But thanks for putting it out, as an important reminder for those who have the knowhow and fearlessness to demand these rights when they need to.

  2. I think there will be a fair few UK folk asserting their rights in this context. The Equality and Human Rights Commission is also rumoured to be mounting some kind of challenge to the actions of the Home Office in this instance. Things are not as bad here in the UK as they are in the US – although they are a very long way from being perfect.

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