3 thoughts on “White people think test results should determine admissions…

  1. I’m having a devil of a time discovering the actual research or at least some more details about the specific findings, pending which it’s hard for me to see any justification for a blanket statement like the one in the OP. It’s also hard to see what bearing those findings (whatever they might be) of the study might have on the question of how much importance ought to be assigned to test results.

    For that matter, it’s difficult hard to imagine many, if any, informed participants (of whatever race) on the “pro” side of the national debate over race-blind admissions in the U.S. being unaware that Asians tend to outscore whites on standardized tests.

  2. There may actually be a stable underlying concept of meritocracy; it’s just that people think they already know who deserves to end up at the top, no matter what form it takes.

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