Teaching disability: a resource

At the impetus of the eternally awesome Sally Haslanger, a group of philosophers have been working on a crowdsource project called ‘Disability Resources for the Philosophy Classroom‘. The idea is to provide useful information and suggestions for those who want both to incorporate discussion of disability into their philosophy classes and to make those classes more accessible to people with disabilities. This is a crowdsource project – anyone with the link above can edit the document. That means it will be as good and helpful as well all collectively make it. Please have a look and, if you have suggested additions, take a few minutes to add them!

One thing that should be noted, though, is that the point of this resource is to help make philosophy classes more inclusive (both in content and delivery) for people with disabilities. It perhaps goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – that not all philosophy that discusses disability does so in a way that’s inclusive. In fact, many philosophical discussions of disability can come across as hostile and deeply hurtful to disabled people. That’s not to say that we don’t want any such controversial resources added to the document. But we would ask, if you’re adding a resource that expresses attitudes about disability which may be upsetting to disabled people or express discriminatory ideas about disability, that you add an explicit warning about this.

2 thoughts on “Teaching disability: a resource

  1. Hi all – please note that this is a crowdsourced resource that is just beginning, so we need your additions and your links! Many thanks to Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, Elizabeth Barnes, Jennifer Saul and Katya Hosking for help getting it off the ground. Also please circulate the link!

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