Women and Technology course to ‘Storm Wikipedia’ this fall

The Ontario College of Art and Design “is introducing a new course this fall that aims to bring a better gender balance to Wikipedia — not only in its editors but also its content.According to statistics gathered by Wikimedia, the foundation that runs the free online encylopedia, almost 90 per cent of its editors are men.The new university course is Dialogues on Feminism and Technology, a first-of-its-kind collaborative digital course for credit in 16 universities all over the world.The first assignment is called “Storming Wikipedia.” Students in the feminist course will have to write or edit a Wikipedia entry of a prominent woman in science or technology. The idea is to “collaboratively write feminist thinking” into Wikipedia, according to organizers.”

Read more here on the CBC website:http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2013/08/27/toronto-university-course-feminist-wikipedia.html

One thought on “Women and Technology course to ‘Storm Wikipedia’ this fall

  1. I’m sure Wikimedia has done its homework but ninety percent male seems overly high. Good to read about this… Wiki can definitely use the feminist input.

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