5 thoughts on “Network: Under-represented Groups in Philosophy

  1. Looks like a good initiative. Too bad they went for a snappy acronym over using the better term (i.e. choosing to use “Minorities” rather than “Underrepresented Groups”).

  2. I’m sure initiatives like this work well for white women. After all, they are white so their complaints have some weight.
    I don’t think it will do much for people of color (which I prefer over “minorities”). In fact, I think it does a disservice to people of color to treat their unique issues in this field as if they are the same issues women face in this field.

    I give rather “contentious” advice to my young students of color: don’t go into philosophy at the graduate level. As a person of color myself, I would think myself irresponsible to give any other advice. Advising a black student to go into philosophy would be as silly as advising a black person to join the republican party.

  3. Francis,, I am startled.

    I have neen thinking of starting with Presumed Incompetent, if i can drum up any interest in Houston phil depts(which should not be hard).

  4. Francis, though contentious, your advice to students of color about not going into philosophy at the graduate level is (since you presumably are in the field yourself) at least unlikely to be merely a function of ideological animus against philosophy or philosophers. Are you also a member of the Republican Party, though?

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