On thinking about Boulder: please let us know!

Dear Friends in Boulder,

The news and the YouTube videos portray such a frightening, upsetting scene.  Nonetheless, I am hoping for the very best for you while the rains and flooding continue and in the recovery phase.

We had a similar flood in Houston.  Most of our campus was under about 6-7 ft of water.  I am very sorry to tell you that campuses are full of things that absorb water, and then are ruined.  The easy part of cleaning up took months.  Much took much longer.

It appears from the YouTube videos that Boulder students remain in very good cheer.  I hope that they will also laugh and joke during the recovery.  Their labor will be needed.

If you visit our FEMINISTPHILOSOPHERS during this very challenging time, everyone would love to hear how you are, and what has been happening to you!

With lots of concern and best wishes,