On thinking about Boulder: please let us know!

Dear Friends in Boulder,

The news and the YouTube videos portray such a frightening, upsetting scene.  Nonetheless, I am hoping for the very best for you while the rains and flooding continue and in the recovery phase.

We had a similar flood in Houston.  Most of our campus was under about 6-7 ft of water.  I am very sorry to tell you that campuses are full of things that absorb water, and then are ruined.  The easy part of cleaning up took months.  Much took much longer.

It appears from the YouTube videos that Boulder students remain in very good cheer.  I hope that they will also laugh and joke during the recovery.  Their labor will be needed.

If you visit our FEMINISTPHILOSOPHERS during this very challenging time, everyone would love to hear how you are, and what has been happening to you!

With lots of concern and best wishes,


3 thoughts on “On thinking about Boulder: please let us know!

  1. Thanks you so much for your thoughts. I am in North Boulder and it is raining again (12 noon MT.) We are scheduled to have classes tomorrow at CU…we’ll see.
    *I hope so: I’ve got a philosophy club meeting to run…I’m the president.*

    At CU Boulder, we have an advantage as the main part of the campus is on a hill, so the water runs past on the streets, only “East-Campus” is on lower ground; so I’m not sure how the research labs are.

    The other students that I know who have been driven out of their apartments are either in hotels or with friends, “sofa surfing”. (I think one friend will be crashing at my place this week.)

    I found one very tiny leak in my roof which I fixed yesterday, and it is holding! In my end of town, the water ran on either side of me, so I really had no water damage, but one of the roads next to me is pretty much gone (bridge, road bed, and houses on the side all washed out.)

    I posted a few photos on my “Photo-blog” of what North Boulder looked like Friday afternoon during a walk around my neighborhood.

    You can go here if you want a look: http://wanderingsphotojournal.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-great-flood-of-2013.html

    I have lived in this town for a long time (12 years) and none of use have ever seen anything like this; usually it is wintertime blizzards, we know what to do with snow!
    But I know that we will all come together to get through this.

    I do want to thank you for this blog. It does help me keep going!

  2. Thanks for your concern Anne and others. I live in the Boulder foothills and evacuated my house Friday when the power went out. Since all the canyon roads in Boulder County are closed due to rockslides and washouts, evacuating required me to sneak along a closed road (my own) and then drive far south to a neighbouring county in order to find a canyon road down to the flatlands. Although the road was open, the river (Clear Creek) was spectacular and the rocks looked unstable. I am now staying with a very hospitable colleague in Lafayette out to the east of the city. It is currently (Sunday) pouring with rain so not sure when or how I can get home. More troubling for me personally is that the roads are so badly damaged that it looks as though commuting to work will take 2-3 hours each way for the foreseeable future! :-(

    Several of my colleagues are dealing with flooded basements and another foothills dweller can’t currently get home. People in student housing were evacuated. I’m thankful to be safe, dry and have internet access to FP blog!a

  3. Lisa and Alison,

    It is wonderful to hear that your resourcefulness has served you well in this situation!


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