Micromentoring at MAP

Map for the Gap,  “a collection of students in North American philosophy departments that aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy,” now includes a micro-mentoring program.  If you are a philosophy faculty member, do consider volunteering here at the bottom of the page.

And check out their home-page for a shot of hope for the future:

Through MAP’s network, students can exchange ideas on topics related to minorities and philosophy, meet and support peers, and learn from other philosophy departments. MAP chapters can choose to provide their respective departments with regular feedback on the department climate.

4 thoughts on “Micromentoring at MAP

  1. Does anyone know if there’s some sort of screening procedure or mentor training? Certainly, not everyone who thinks that they’re qualified to mentor students from underrepresented groups actually is. In fact, it has been my experience that many (sometimes well-intentioned) mentors, who aren’t themselves from an underrepresented group, often do more harm than good to students from underrepresented groups.

  2. UGH, your point is very important. Would you consider raising the issue with the organizing group?

  3. Will do. But I also hope that drawing attention to this here will allow this blog’s followers to think seriously about what is necessary (beyond good intentions) to successfully mentor a student from an underrepresented group.

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