Turkish protests and sexual assaults.

You’ve all heard about the protests that started last June in Istanbul. They received fairly little media attention, because unlike what was going on in Egypt there were relatively few people killed (although every death was both a tragedy and entirely avoidable). But while it did not turn inot a full blown revolution, it did not blow over and indeed there are still protests going on throughout Turkey, and much police violence.

Among the things I hear about on social media – one of the ways the protests have mostly been reported in the absence of press coverage – is that the police are committing sexual assault on women protestors. Until now I’d only come across hearsay. Here is an article on the matter by Pınar Tremblay. Thanks Y. for bringing it to our attention.

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  1. Hi. Actually this is an issue not reflected to foreign press well but there were various news reports even on mainstream media in Turkey on some cases of assault, there were press releases, some women shared the details of their experience with public. You may know about the Women Forum. It is a part of the general park forums, the gradual continuation of the street movement, discussions and events on various parks in big cities on daily basis during all summer, organised by feminists as women-only gatherings in those parks. There the decision to struggle against the police’s sexual assault led us to report these cases through social media and to follow the investigation and court processes by the help of feminist lawyers. Women initially marched to react this and a commission called No to Police Assault in Resistance! is formed. Here are the social media accounts but unfortunately no report in English has been added yet. https://www.facebook.com/direnistepolistacizinehayir @polistacizetme

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