Men discuss the evolution of morality

Another gendered event:  The Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science Forum, “Evolutionary Explanations of Morality,” has an all-male lineup of speakers.


If you want to know about the harm that all-male events do, please check out this link to our Gendered Conference Campaign.


If you want to comment on this post I would like to invite you to first check out this list of frequently asked questions about the Gendered Conference Campaign.  Doing so might spare us all from repeating conversations in the comments.


Finally, here are some strategies for avoiding creating a gendered conference.

3 thoughts on “Men discuss the evolution of morality

  1. I’m not sure what that question is exactly in reference to, but the BU Center for Philosophy and History of Science (who is putting on the colloquium) is supportive of feminist philosophy and of increasing the visibility of women in philosophy. For instance, last year we held a colloquium on stereotype threat ( and this year we are holding one on epistemic injustice in science in April (

    It’s still good though to point out when our event line ups are failing to help with that visibility.

  2. About the BU Center for Phil. and History of Science see also their upcoming conference:

    Epistemic Injustice in Science
    Friday, April 4, 2014
    Center for Student Services 100 Bay State Road, Room 545
    1–5 pm
    Varieties of Testimonial Injustice
    Miranda Fricker
    Philosophy, University of Sheffield
    Epistemic Injustice and Responsible Trust in Science
    Heidi Grasswick
    Philosophy, Middlebury College
    Hermeneutical Injustice and Agnotology in Science
    Miriam Solomon
    Philosophy, Temple University
    Race, Gender and Neutral Science
    Evelynn Hammonds
    History of Science and African American Studies, Harvard University

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