Wow! An Intro Book with Lots of Women

Echoes from the Cave edited by Lisa Gannett came in the mail today and I was thrilled to see the numbers of women. It goes far beyond the usual suspects. There are readings by Marya  Schetchman, Marcia Baron, Sally Haslanger, Lorraine Code, Kathleen Okruhlik, Catherine Wilson, Susan Sherwin, and Anne Phillips. And that’s not even the entire list!

It’s also very good on post-colonial and anti-racist writers. 

Read about the book here.



Reader query: Presenting both sides?

A reader writes:

I’m going to be a TA for the first time this fall, and the class I’m TA-ing for is Intro to Ethics.  As is probably pretty common in Ethics classes, one of the topics will be abortion.

And I’m not sure it’s morally permissible to use what authority I have as a TA to argue against the permissibility of abortion.  The whole “devil’s-advocate” approach is one of the reasons I really don’t like academic ethics, but I don’t know how else to treat the subject without upsetting pro-life students and possibly getting in trouble for failing to uphold the “neutrality” that seems to be expected of teachers.

Any advice?