Manly home decorating?

I went shopping the other night for new paint for our dining room and was amused/appalled to see CIL’s new “Ultimate Man Cave” colours. “Inspired by colour names you can say out loud.” (Where “you” is a dude apparently since I have no problem with the original names.)

It’s a re-branding of existing colours to make them more masculine.

“The Paint Chip Names for Men Campaign drew fantastic manly paint names from far and wide. Contained in this brochure are a sample of the best of the best… inspiration for you. Your home. Your Man Cave.”

So Lexington Park is Dirty Socks. (That’s so much more appealing, right?)

Silver Lace Vine is now Midlife Crisis.

Great Grey is now Brute Force.

Lights Out is now Deathstar.

Juliet’s Potion is now Zombie Apocalypse. (Who’d have guessed?)

Peacock’s Plume is now Pimpin’ the Trans-Am.

Butterscotch Tempest is now Beer Time.

See the full palette of manliness here.


We’ve written about manly foods before here but now colour names have genders too.



5 thoughts on “Manly home decorating?

  1. I used to do interior house painting for pay while in college. I do not think I could maintain my composure if someone asked me to paint any of their rooms colors with these ridiculous names. (Except maybe “Deathstar”.) I would just crack up laughing every time I saw the person.

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