5 thoughts on “Creepy White Guys

  1. CWGs suck. But the advice to ‘avoid OKC, Match and POF’ is hardly appropriate to the situation, any more than ‘avoid dating’ would be. These attitudes hardly go away as soon as one avoids the particular websites that the posted examples are taken from. These are just the sites that are most-used, which means both that they are some of the most likely places to meet people one /wants/ to meet /and/ that they are some of the most likely sources of CWGs.

    One could choose to avoid the CWGs by avoiding dating altogether, or, more effectively, avoiding social contact in general. But it’s obvious why that’s not a good solution to the problem. The same goes for avoiding OKC etc.

  2. What Anon said. Really unhelpful to make it sound like this is a problem with internet dating sites, both in terms of understanding the racism and creepiness involved, and in terms of unfairly delegitimizing internet dating sites. Also it’s not like edgier sites don’t have some incredibly creepy things on there that are at least as bad – this woman presumably just happened to be using pretty conventional sites.

  3. I was born, now live in Southeast Asia and a paying member of a website called Conscious Singles, where your profile is replicated in multiple, similar-looking, similar-sounding mirror websites like Spiritual Match Making, Spiritual Singles, etc. It’s been better or else the men are better at hiding their fetishism at first.

    I had my guard up but was just ‘treated’ to the most vile, verbal abuse when I refused to respond to the advances of an apparently university educated white male living in Perry, Florida, who goes by the ID lightwarrior12, with the initials AB, first name Anthony. I told him politely I was not flattered by his constant references to my ethnicity, summing out people by nationality or racial group, how he likes “exotic” and “feminine” women, etc, and I had to keep deflecting questions about my intimate life. He called it being “playful”, “flirting” even when I clearly told him I was not interested that way.

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