Gender gap in science around the world


See A Map of the Gender Gap in Science Around the Globe: A portrait from UNESCO shows where women are well represented among employed scientists, and where they are rare.

The map offers confirmation for the conclusion that (surprise) there’s no biological explanation for the low numbers of women in science.  Concludes in the Atlantic “Cultures vary, and the result is expressed in the map above. We’d do well to look at countries like Argentina and Brazil and see what is helping them achieve their nice purple color.”

5 thoughts on “Gender gap in science around the world

  1. Data not available, in the US and Canada? But we collect so much data! SO much. Puzzling, this.

  2. This is certainly an interesting phenomenon in science (and in philosophy, of course). It’s also an important question whether there are similar or very different reasons for the respective gender gaps. There’s an alternative take on this stuff over at . Yours, Nemo.

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