Sharing missing persons pics on facebook

Anyone on Facebook will have seen posts asking people if they have seen a missing person, and appealing for help in finding them. Like me, you might feel you’re helping to reunite lost family members by passing on the info and sharing the photos. But it turns out this might not be the best thing to do. A man recently made a heart-rending plea, asking for help to find his missing children. Kind-hearted folks shared the photos and eventually, someone recognised them and told him where to find them. What no-one sharing the photos realised was that his ex-partner was living under a secret identity after leaving the man, and this information allowed him to find her. She subsequently had to move to a women’s shelter. You can read more here.

4 thoughts on “Sharing missing persons pics on facebook

  1. People often have a very good reason to “go missing”. Their right to protect themselves in this way should not be denied. Several years ago we were attempting to identify an unknown body using a facial restoration to jog memories. The “face” was “recognized” as possibly being a missing woman. When that woman was ultimately located, alive, and contacted, she was told that her location would be kept secret, but that people were worried about her. Whether she made contact or not was up to her, and her location was not revealed. Our unidentified woman is still unidentified.

  2. Thanks for that story, J. I must confess it just has never occurred to me when viewing missing person’s pictures that the person might have gone missing to protect themselves. I always imagined them being injured, or kidnapped, or in some other such situation that made finding them important.

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