Horror flicks for or by women

If you want to watch a horror film this Halloween, but feel that the genre objectifies women (and then cuts them into small bits and eats them), you might be pleased to learn that quite a few of them are directed by women. Here’s a list here.

One of my personal favourites is missing from that list: Halloween, if not actuallly directed by a woman, was co-written and produced by Debra Hill, and starred Jamie Lee Curtis in a role that certainly doesn’t lack dignity.

Also, the new Carrie is directed by Kimberley Pierce. Not a bad call to have a woman directing a film that’s basically about periods and mother/daughter relationships!

4 thoughts on “Horror flicks for or by women

  1. The names that usually come up are Katherine Bigelow, Mary Lambert, the Soska sisters, and Jennifer Lynch. But there’s more interesting stuff out there.

    One is a made-for-(British)-TV zombie film called Dead Set. It’s by Jaime Winstone, and stars a strong female lead. The premise sounds a tad loopy (a fast zombie apocalypse hits the UK, and the only people who don’t know about it are on the set of Big Brother), but it is bleak as all hell, and utterly fantastic.

    Another that I think is fantastic (although it’s not directed by a woman) is Neil Marshall’s The Descent. Five women go spelunking, and they run into something horrible. It does a fantastic job of communicating the claustrophobia involved.

  2. I’m not sure this falls into either category, but you might want to consider “The Addiction”, starring Lily Taylor and Christopher Walken. Taylor plays a graduate student in philosophy at NYU, a department th in the process of being overrun by vampires (in the film). Not a great movie, but it’s worth it if only for the post-defense reception/bloodbath.

  3. Yes, The Descent! Aside from one scene early on, it’s an all-female cast. A fabulous movie (very real suspense) that flagrantly passes the Bechdel Test, and puts into perspective how few other movies do.

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